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Manaka at a Glance

Manaka Property Investments (Pty) Ltd is a fast growing, black owned and controlled property investment company that also facilitates the development and redevelopment of quality properties throughout South Africa, serving government, parastatals and the private sector. Manaka focuses on commercial, retail and industrial properties.

The word “Manaka” means the “Horns of the Bull” (the bull being symbolic of wealth in Africa) and represents our philosophy of creating wealth through sustainable property investment with integrity, vision and value. From humble beginnings, Manaka was established in the Limpopo province in 2007, with a focus on commercial Property Investment and Development. Since then, the company’s property portfolio has grown steadily and is engaged in numerous transactions with key properties located in busy, central city areas. Manaka’s Directors provide a broad range of knowledge and expertise, having combined experience within private sector business, government and community organisations.

In the spirit of creating wealth together, Manaka also forms Joint Ventures with Partners with which it enjoys synergies.

Manaka currently owns a number of prime buildings mostly within Gauteng, and is on the acquisition trail for new projects and additional properties.