Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Manaka is a proudly African company, inspired by “Ubuntu” and “Botho” or humanity and respect towards others, where togetherness and teamwork is valued over all.

Based on this approach, we work closely with our partners and stakeholders, knowing that together, we can offer so much more. Manaka’s long-term vision and goal is to provide the best returns for our Investors and the company aims to create solid long-term relationships with tenant clients.

We are committed to reinvesting in our cities, providing a reliable, professional service to clients; and aiming for longer leases based on the quality of our portfolio and our strong client relationships, earned through trust and consistent delivery.

In its quest to unlock value, Manaka’s business philosophy takes the following approach:

  • Continuously researching, identifying and creating excellent acquisition opportunities;
  • Generating steady, stable returns through a solid balanced portfolio of diversified, well-located properties;
  • Ongoing management, maintenance and improvement to ensure the property portfolio holds and grows its value; and
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key tenants to ensure maximum value from leases.